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Soccer Clinics (Ages 6-12) [CO-ED]

Sports & Crafts Clinics (Ages 3-5) [CO-ED]

Private Training Fees:

1 Child = $100 for the hour

Groups of 2 = $130 ($65 per child for the hour)

Groups of 3 = $165 ($55 per child for the hour)

Groups of 4 = $180 ($45 per child for the hour)

**No individual make up sessions**

CANCELLATION POLICY: 24 hours notice required or $50 CANCELLATION FEE applies.

Max S. – Tarrytown, New York

“When I was desperate to get back into soccer but still had a lingering back injury, I started training privately with Danny. He began by testing carefully what movements, positions and skills I was capable of and tailored the session to those limitations. He would constantly check in to make sure he wasn’t pushing me too hard.

As I recovered he wisely increased the intensity and difficulty of the drills. He matched my recovery with intelligently designed training sessions that matched my ability level at that time.  With my injury then out of the way, Danny knew then how to push me to exceed my limits and has accelerated my growth as a player ever since.  I am so happy to be back in the full swing of soccer, in large part thanks to Danny.”

Kacie G. – Cold Spring, New York

“Coach Danny is fantastic! My son, Clem, began his soccer training with him, at 5 years old. I credit Danny with inspiring Clem’s love for the game. He really enjoys working with him. We recently had the opportunity to return to training with Danny. My son is now 10, and with just a few private sessions, Danny has helped my son be a more impactful player on the field. We saw immediate results from the sessions. He is exactly what we were looking for in a coach.”

Natalie G. – Irvington, New York

“My son loves playing soccer, and he wanted additional soccer training to improve his skills.  We did our research on trainers, and Danny came highly recommended. After a year of training with Danny, my son’s skills really improved and his passion for the game grew. What makes Danny so good is that he balances hard work and fun while helping the player focus on areas of development. My son continues to grow as a player and he loves training with Danny! If you’re looking for a trainer for your young soccer player, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND Danny.”

Paulo A. – Sleepy Hollow, New York

“Danny Cadena is an exceptionally talented soccer coach. Whether in group or individual settings, he trains his players in all facets of the game with well organized, professional programs. My son trained with him throughout the winter of 2016 and his skills improved dramatically, such that he advanced from AYSO to a premiere league club team in the spring. That would not have been possible without Danny – he’s as good as it gets.”

Pedro T. – Ardsley, New York

“My son has been training privately with Danny for approximately four years. Danny is an extremely knowledgeable trainer who stresses the importance of supporting each individual athletes’ skill development, while also focusing on their strength and speed. Danny’s emphasis on  proper skill development, tactics, and strategy, provides players with a competitive edge that is evident during their play. Over the years, my son has developed and gone from playing premier level soccer to academy level soccer for his club. I believe the private training Danny has provided over the years has played a significant role in my son’s development.”

Kelly L. – Ardsley, New York

“Danny has been training my 13 year old son for a year, and has absolutely taken my son to the next level in competitive soccer. Danny’s conditioning drills helped my son prepare to succeed on his school team, and the repetitive drills allowed my son to improve dramatically on his winter and spring travel teams. Thanks to Danny, my son gained immense skills and confidence to succeed at a very competitive level. In fact, Numerous coaches noticed his significant improvement and inquired about his new training.  In addition, Danny is kind and relates really well to kids of all ages. He pushes them, and keeps them coming back for more success.”